31 January 2006

Baby Gifties

I was busy last night. Amazing what you can do when there's a bit of a deadline.

Presents for Tiernan

Close-up of the blanket

For Tiernan and Brenda I made a blanket, bag and a bonnet. The bonnet is being modeled by Erin the teddy. He's not part of the gift. He's mine. Tiernan will get a Pat the Bunny rattle.
I made this bonnet for Avery for his baptism and decided that every baby needs a bonnet. At least girl babies.

Modeled by Avery. How cute is he?

29 January 2006

I've been tagged. Part two.

The remaining questions.
The answers make me seem a little dull. Oh well.

Four Places You Have Been On Vacation:
Walt Disney World
Chain O' Lakes State Park (We like to camp.)

Four Websites You Visit Daily:
Panda Cam

Four Of My Favorite Foods:
Anything chocolate
Anything caramel
Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

Four Places You'd Rather Be Right Now:
Anywhere warm
Virginia so I could visit w/ Brenda and Tiernan
Texas so I could visit w/ Cheryl
Phillipines so I could visit w/ my lola (grandmother)

Four Bloggers I am tagging:
Once I figure out the best way how:

28 January 2006


I am pleased to present Tiernan Grace.

My best friend since grade school has just become a Mama.
Congratulations Brenda and Erik.
She is beautiful.

27 January 2006

I've been tagged. Part one.

I have been tagged by fellow blogger and knitter Kelly. 
Here are my answers.

There are enough questions to split them up into two posts.
Don't mind me, I'm having font problems.
And my pictures should be working now.

Four jobs you have had in your life:
3rd Key @ Suncoast
Camp Counsellor
Receptionist @ an animal hospital
Cake Decorator @ Jewel

Four Movies you could watch over and over:
Love Actaully
Easter Parade

Four Places You Have Lived:
Detroit MI
Chicago IL
Kirksville MO

Four TV Shows You Love To Watch:
Iron Chef

Celebrity Poker Showdown

Four Places You Have Been On Vacation:
Walt Disney World
Chain O' Lakes State Park (We like to camp.)

26 January 2006

Avery Socks

Here are my 1st pair of socks I've ever knitted. I'm pleased with them even though I did the heels wrong. Too bad the blasted things won't stay on. They are knit in green camo yarn. Avery is now ready for covert operations.

25 January 2006

Pants and Pockets

Griffin = Pants
Avery = Pockets

As in happy pants or squirrelly or crabby or crazy or usually angel.
It started w/ Griff when he was a baby so Avery became Pockets. Oh the names we saddle our children.
While this blog isn't necessarily about them, it was the first name to pop into my head.

20 January 2006

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday dear Mary Grace.
Happy Birthday to you.


Pencils down.
How did you do?

10 out of 15, turns out I'm an o.k. speller. I could have sworn I got them all right. I guess that makes me pretty common.

19 January 2006

Looking for a few good men.

An article about men knitting, drinking beer and eating hot dogs. Anybody you know?
We want them in our knitting group.
When are guys going to figure out that it's a great place to meet single women?

NEW YORK (Reuters) - If you're stuck for entertainment in New York on a Friday night, and as long as you're man enough, try learning to rib at "Boyz Nite" at a Greenwich Village venue from 9 until late.
That's rib as in knitting the cuff of your sweater.
Knit New York, a wool and craft store in Lower Manhattan, is fighting the stereotype that knitting is the province of women. "Are you strong enough to knit and man enough to purl?" says an advertisement for Boyz Nite on the shop's Web site.
The store draws dozens of men to its weekly men's night where beginners and experts gather to exchange tips over beer and hot dogs.

Read more via Netscape


Some of you may or may not know that I enjoy knitting. I know how very old lady of me.
Here is a sample sock. A sample just to see if I like the process of knitting a sock. Turns out I do. It's a little big to be for Avery so I probably won't knit it's mate.
So...I've become this person waiting for my wool yarn to arrive by mail so I can hand knit my own socks. I'm envisioning warm toasty feet.

16 January 2006


The poor Bears blew it.
There is really nothing else to say. I was soooo hoping that they would go all the way. Long shot, even if the defense came to play. I really wanted them to take some of the attention away from the stinky White Sox.


Soo....to lift my spirits and yours I present to you:

Cute Overload

I'm normally not a cutesy kind of girl but the pictures at the site are too cute and/or funny. And not in a Precious Moments kind of way.

13 January 2006

Happy Birthday

Happy 13 th Birthday, Emmalee!!!!
Turning 13 on Friday the 13 th. Isn't that a Disney movie?
Given the choice, would you be 13 again?

12 January 2006

Ooohh Shiney

Here is one of my Christmas presents. Isn't it pretty? I'm itching to use it. But part of me feels the need to break it in w/ a perfect recipe. Eh, I'll probably make salsa for the Bears game on Sunday. Go Bears!!

Killer Salsa: Tomatoes, Onions, Jalepenos, Fresh Cilantro, Garic, Lime and Salt
That's all you need. Everything is chopped. Quantities aren't listed because it's basically by taste. I chop everything seperately and mix in a bowl to taste. Start with the tomatoes and decrease as you go down the list. Be careful with the cilantro. If you don't like a strong taste just use the leaves and not the stems. And the usual warning of don't touch your eyes after handling the peppers not unless you're into fire eyes.

10 January 2006


Hi my name is Vanessa and I am addicted to Lost.
My husband received season one as a gift for his birthday and every night we've been watching 2-3 episodes. If we had the time we would watch the whole darn thing in one sitting. The producers/writers/casting agents sure knew what they were doing. Equal parts of cute boys and girls. Really who can choose between Jack and Sawyer? Doctor or scamp? Poor Kate.

09 January 2006

Here Goes

Against my better judgement I have started a blog. I needed some convincing. Thank you Kelly and Crystal. They have promised me that it would not be a time eater. Humph..We'll see about that. I am horribly inept at the computer. Things that should just take a few moments turn into hours. Ok I don't have hours...But usually ease turns into mush.
So this might be a short lived. Or like so many other things in my life it might be added to my compulsion list. Let it begin.