18 October 2006

Lost and Found, part 2

Last week I lost my cell phone.
I knew where and when I lost it. At the park sometime between 2-3 o'clock in the afternoon. The next morning I went to go look fo it. Since I didn't have Griff w/ me, no luck.
Total bummer.
I suspended my service (relieved to find out that no calls were made) and began researching phones.
I don't really believe in luck. I'm more of a karma person. So I must have done something good because some nice people found my phone and returned it to me.
My faith in humanity was restored.
They had found it at the park. They even tried to hunt me down by calling my service provider. But had no luck there because I had already suspended my service. So using my address book, my mother-in-law was contacted.
Isn't that nice?

So nice that I baked them cookies. Not just any cookie but raspberry shortbread. At least 2 pounds of yummy, buttery, sweet goodness.


Blogger Kelly said...

yeah for people there are a few nice ones out there

2:37 PM  
Anonymous Cary said...

I love it when something good happens. There are too many bad guys out there and we forget that there are some nice guys out there too.

7:12 PM  

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