11 October 2006

I love the Project Runway

Love, love, LOVE it.
I know I shouldn't.
Reality shows are the root of all evil. Could join Korea on the axis.
So naturally I watched part one of the finale.

Yes, I am rooting for Jeffrey.
I was stunned at the end of the show. Tears!???!
For those who don't watch, I will not bore you w/ the details.
Move on to your next blog, the Yarn Harlot is good today.
I hate cliffhangers. I hate feeling manipulated by my television.
I HAD to know what happened to Jeffery.
Thank you Google.
I can now sleep peacefully.


Blogger Kelly said...

I really want to know what happens and you know what happens but I don't want to know so don't tell me
I'm sort of jealous that you know

1:48 PM  

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