30 May 2007


It's been a while.
I still haven't decided if I'm going to keep this blog up.
But we got a scanner and I thought I would share a bit of my youth.
I'm not sure what grade this is. My guess would be kindergarten or 1st grade.

26 October 2006


You might be able tell that Avery has a bit of red in his hair. Especially when it's clean. It's even more evident when we are out. Better lighting, I think.
I have decided to count the times that somebody asks:

"Is that his natural hair color?"

The count currently stands at two. Direct quote on both.
I should probably start figuring out a cute but not rude reply.
How about:

"No, it's Clairol #9 for babies and toddlers."
"No, it's on sale at Walgreen's."

Now I know the color is a bit surprising. And I know that's not what the person meant but still....
It's almost, not really but almost, like asking if he's mine.
I also know not to take offense, that the person is just commenting but still....
It's a little queer what people say out loud.

18 October 2006

Lost and Found, part 2

Last week I lost my cell phone.
I knew where and when I lost it. At the park sometime between 2-3 o'clock in the afternoon. The next morning I went to go look fo it. Since I didn't have Griff w/ me, no luck.
Total bummer.
I suspended my service (relieved to find out that no calls were made) and began researching phones.
I don't really believe in luck. I'm more of a karma person. So I must have done something good because some nice people found my phone and returned it to me.
My faith in humanity was restored.
They had found it at the park. They even tried to hunt me down by calling my service provider. But had no luck there because I had already suspended my service. So using my address book, my mother-in-law was contacted.
Isn't that nice?

So nice that I baked them cookies. Not just any cookie but raspberry shortbread. At least 2 pounds of yummy, buttery, sweet goodness.

13 October 2006

Griff in his woolen socks.
I am definately NOT pleased that it is cold enough for wool socks. Although handknit wool socks (sweaters for my feet)
make it a tad barely more tolerable.

Knitting lesson learned last night while watching "Click":
Do not try to wind lace weight yarn without someone else holding said yarn. Having to wind lace yarn might hinder future lace projects.

12 October 2006

Lost and Found, part 1

This is Herman. He is our hermit crab. Pretty boring as he is nocturnal. He usually looks like this.

Sometime before Sunday night Mr.Herman escaped from his fish tank. There is a smallish hole on the top from when we had fish. It's usually covered. When Herman saw an opportunity he took it.
Hermit crabs are pretty low maintainence. Food and water, in a dish and little spritz from time to time. Herman's disappearance was discovered when finally somebody (me) decided to give the poor crab some water.
I made Bri look everywhere in and around the tank. I hate finding dead animals. Fish, cats....He was not to be found. We prepared Griff for the worst. A fall from that height was sure to kill. I dreaded finding Mr.Herman by his stink. Secretly I was gratefully we were down one pet.
I don't consider myself a particularly lucky person. But Griff is. So it was no surprise when he found Herman Monday morning moments before my husband stepped on him. He found his way across our front room. I guess Herman is lucky too.

11 October 2006

I love the Project Runway

Love, love, LOVE it.
I know I shouldn't.
Reality shows are the root of all evil. Could join Korea on the axis.
So naturally I watched part one of the finale.

Yes, I am rooting for Jeffrey.
I was stunned at the end of the show. Tears!???!
For those who don't watch, I will not bore you w/ the details.
Move on to your next blog, the Yarn Harlot is good today.
I hate cliffhangers. I hate feeling manipulated by my television.
I HAD to know what happened to Jeffery.
Thank you Google.
I can now sleep peacefully.

04 October 2006

Baby Hat

I've been on a tear finishing projects. It's either because I'm looking forward to starting my 1st major shawl project, Icarus. Or I'm a little nervous about it therefore putting off casting it on. Here's a baby hat that was a lesson in gauge for me. It took the 3rd try to get it right.

The middle size was gifted right before I remembered I wanted to take a picture of hats as a group. The 1st hat fits a one year old. The middle a 6 mos old . The last a newborn.

Poor kid.

The shawl pattern from the last post is lace pattern #1 (page 69) from Interweave Knits summer issue. I just added a garter stitch border. I also slipped the 1st stitch for an even edge.