27 February 2006

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Somebody help me.
What is up with Wallace's undershirt?
It's a weird fishnet looking thing.
It can't be comfy.
Is it a Brit thing?
A quirky Wallace thing?


Sugar Free Cake

A birthday token. Tutorial here.
I left the cream puff unstuffed to get
more of a buttercream rosette.

There is an element of instant gratification with
sewing that I don't get from knitting.
Probably because I knit so slowly.

23 February 2006

I have been completely uninspired. My house is messy. OK. Messy is not the word. It looks like someone took my house and shook it like a snow globe. Stuff helter skelter everywhere.
So...I have a hard time knitting or doing anything crafty without guilt. All I've got is two squares for Warm Up America. We are knitting afgans for charity.
And every project I've started I've had to frog. Socks and a cabled handbag. I am having issues w/ gauge. Even when I swatch. Grrr.

I did built our breakfast nook today. Always wanted one. Yippee!

13 February 2006


Happy Valentine's Day!

11 February 2006

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Look what Brian found at the Salvation Army thrift store.
Low Low price!! Two dollars!!
I've always wanted one but couldn't cough up the change.

Had to make sure it worked.
Griff can confirm yes.
Apple crostata, caramel sauce not pictured.
And I'm not ashamed to admit I used Pilsbury pie crust.
Tummy can confirm yummy.

10 February 2006

Get Fuzzy

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My favorite comic strip is doing nothing to get me out of this winter funk.
Enough with the cold and snow already.

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03 February 2006

Wear Red Day

The Heart Truth: National Wear Red Day, Friday, February 3, 2005. Get Involved!

So I'm a little behind. I should have posted this earlier.
But it's important so I thought I would mention it.

Heart disease is the #1 killer of women.

I would have said blah blah blah too.
Until my mother-in-law suffered a heart attack.

02 February 2006


Punxsutawney Phil & groundhog handler Bill Deeley (© Jeff Swensen/Getty Images)

Darn rodent saw his shadow. Six more weeks of winter.
No more winter!!

I WANT sunshine.

I NEED sunshine.

Is that too much to ask?