27 September 2006

Finished Shawl

Here is the shawl for my Aunt. It is my 1st lace project. I am very pleased w/ it. My only concern is that it might be to warm to wear in the Philippines.

Here is the filipino flag:

Flag of the Philippines

24 September 2006

Happy belated Birthday, Kelly!!

Sunday Football

Go Bears!!!
Their win over Minnesota makes them 3-0. Whooo-Hooo!!
I am definately a fan when they are winning. Otherwise I become a football widow when they're losing. But watching the games means I spend time w/ hubby and I get to knit.

21 September 2006

FINE, I'll blog!!!

I had decided to stop blogging. I felt it was eating up my time. My utterly, embarassingly messy house is proof. I really didn't think that anybody was reading or enjoying my nonsense. But I have been set straight. Ok, y'all can stop using the word pedantic.
I will try to blog more often.

I have no pictures to post of my knitting so I give you this:

Manolo’s Shoe Blog

Very funny stuff. I think I found it through Mason-Dixon.
This I nearly peed my pants:

“Oh dear! Who is this old British Royal with ice cream all over her?”

Poor guy.