31 March 2006


First it was Darth Tater.
Then Spud Trooper.
This beats them all I think.
Come on, it comes w/ a Princess Tater.
(Obi-Wan, we need your help.)
Part of me is curious to see who Hasbro does next.
But the other part thinks,
"Hmm, maybe they should stop."

20 March 2006

I'm in love

Is it wrong?
I've been wanting a ball winder forever. I couldn't bring myself to buy one.
So I asked for my b-day. My lovely mother-in-law obliged.
A lot of times I will want and want and want something only to be
disappointed when it's finally mine.
This is not the case.

After the torure of having 8 seven year olds at my house for my son's party,
I decided to treat myself w/ knitting time and ice cream. My 1st sock is almost done.
I would have taken a pic but my batteries died.

17 March 2006

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Today is my favorite holiday.
Not because I'm particularly fond of green beer
but because it's my birthday. Yup, I'm 32 today.
I'd like to say I'm doing something grand but I'll
be cleaning house for Griff's b-day party.
Born the 19th he's my best present yet.

10 March 2006


No, this is not a post about my husband.

'Brandon Routh ' Brandon Routh

This is the new Superman, Brandon Routh.
Anybody else think he looks like Christopher Reeve?

While we're talking about superheroes...
The Hulk has his own blog.
Check it out here.
Funny stuff.

06 March 2006

The image “http://entimg.msn.com/i/2006Oscars/JonStewart1_200x75.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Maybe I just don't get it.

Anybody else think the Oscars were a little dull this year?
Got two squares done for Warm up America.

03 March 2006

Two things today. Both lifted from other blogs, ljc and not martha.

1. I have to have Sheepy Pooh. And Chicken Pooh.
My birthday is March 17. Info here.

2. Yummy treat alert: Starbucks Cupcake
If you need a little something, go get yourself one.
I've had the chocolate.
It's package in a cute little box w/ an insert to insure it gets to it's destination properly.
All for $1.50 + tax.

02 March 2006

Bad Bad Bad Day

Have you ever had one of those days you wish you could reset like a video game? The last twelve hours have not been good to me.
Avery decided that sleep was not his friend. No matter what I did for him; sing, rock,pat or jiggle. Finally at 2:30ish AM he cried himself to sleep. Not feeling good about my mothering skills.

After breakfast Avery pinched his finger in our kitchen cabinet door. Right underneath the hinge. Feeling pretty low.

Now this is plenty to put me over the edge. Especially w/ no sleep. But wait there's more.
While I'm freaking out on the floor trying to assess and comfort Avery. My cat Shadow attacks me. Now I'm not prone to exaggeration. She bit and scratched my hand. And while I was asking her what the hell her problem was she latched on to my leg.

Bleeding, bruised and sleep deprived is not a good way to start the day.
I'm crawling into bed now.

01 March 2006

Happy Birthday, Judy!!