26 October 2006


You might be able tell that Avery has a bit of red in his hair. Especially when it's clean. It's even more evident when we are out. Better lighting, I think.
I have decided to count the times that somebody asks:

"Is that his natural hair color?"

The count currently stands at two. Direct quote on both.
I should probably start figuring out a cute but not rude reply.
How about:

"No, it's Clairol #9 for babies and toddlers."
"No, it's on sale at Walgreen's."

Now I know the color is a bit surprising. And I know that's not what the person meant but still....
It's almost, not really but almost, like asking if he's mine.
I also know not to take offense, that the person is just commenting but still....
It's a little queer what people say out loud.


Blogger Jess said...

Hair Schmair! Could he be cuter? I can't think of anything snarky, but I *really* like the Clairol #9 for babies.

Maybe you could ask them if their hair color is natural?

1:01 PM  
Anonymous Cary said...

I vote for the Clairol comment but I would say Loreal. Because he's worth it!!

7:10 PM  

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