12 October 2006

Lost and Found, part 1

This is Herman. He is our hermit crab. Pretty boring as he is nocturnal. He usually looks like this.

Sometime before Sunday night Mr.Herman escaped from his fish tank. There is a smallish hole on the top from when we had fish. It's usually covered. When Herman saw an opportunity he took it.
Hermit crabs are pretty low maintainence. Food and water, in a dish and little spritz from time to time. Herman's disappearance was discovered when finally somebody (me) decided to give the poor crab some water.
I made Bri look everywhere in and around the tank. I hate finding dead animals. Fish, cats....He was not to be found. We prepared Griff for the worst. A fall from that height was sure to kill. I dreaded finding Mr.Herman by his stink. Secretly I was gratefully we were down one pet.
I don't consider myself a particularly lucky person. But Griff is. So it was no surprise when he found Herman Monday morning moments before my husband stepped on him. He found his way across our front room. I guess Herman is lucky too.


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